LBCC Pickleball Courts Update – 2020_11_11

Unfortunately the contractor lost time early in the season because of smoke and weren’t able to get the coating on before winter weather hit.

Work to be completed by the contractor will be, finish electrical, install drinking fountain and reinstall fabric to the north fence as well as repainting.

At this point the courts will be closed through the winter and as soon as there is a window of warmer spring weather they will finish up the coating and open the courts.

There was an issue about play over the winter on nice days at LBCC because of their COVID precautions, but since contract completion will not be till spring, it is a moot point. We will need to see what COVID precautions are still in effect next spring.

LBCC Pickleball Courts Update 10/09/2020

Black posts/chain link fence are installed for cross-court fences. Possible future change to close in the corner fences so balls don’t shoot through into other courts. Also potential to put gates in south end for access without going through courts that are in play.

Court surfacing began several days ago. Blue is the pickleball (or tennis court) play area and the green is the out-of-bounds. The kitchen will not have a separate color, maybe something to be added in the future. I believe there are several more coats to be painted, but the rain that started Friday night will delay work, again!

Net posts and nets will be installed after the painting is completed.

Concrete for sidewalk extensions and restroom/shed pads have yet to be poured. And trenches for wiring and fountain are still partially or completely open. No estimated completion date due to rain.

Pictures show courts from the center of the PB courts.

Pictures from Sports Court fence line

Sports Court: Painted for tennis but permanently lined for both tennis and pickleball. Includes a basketball hoop at the north end but uncertain about basketball lines.

Video of the crew putting down exterior (Green) surfacing

LBCC Courts Update 8/25/20

The contractor finished up 2 days of paving on 8/25. This is showing the final bit of paving to be completed. Looks nice! Next up: exterior fencing the week of Aug 31. Hoping for sports court work about mid-Sept but don’t know the exact date yet. The light poles in the middle will remain in this latest change and we will evaluate the lighting for play after the courts are finished.

LBCC Courts Update – 8/11/2020

Construction restarted on 8/10 after almost 2 months because of a major design change.  Chain link fencing is down. The tennis net posts were removed and holes refilled and asphalted. Porta potty/shed pad excavated and backfilled with aggregate. Short sidewalk and water fountain area excavated and backfilled with aggregate. The existing fence along the North side is remaining.

Pictures are standing to the South and looking North. The college is to the right.

LBCC Courts Update – 6/8/2020

This is a response that we received from the city updating us on the courts.  We are also anxiously waiting for the Phase two rules to be given so that we may start some organized play.  Stay tuned!

-When the contractor started work we found 2 significant challenges.   Unexpectedly the current courts are built on a 6 inch slab of concrete with an asphalt overlay.  We didn’t anticipate that the entire court would have this base.   We also found that the ground for the addition was unusually soft and would take 18 inches of additional excavation and rock to get it solid and up to grade.   

-With these challenges the cost to build to the original plan grew from $330,000 to $484,000.   Almost half again as much as budgeted.

-We are not at all able to come up with that funding so we had to look at how to “value engineer” (a nice way to say cut costs).

-We are confident that we can make a set of courts that work well for club play, community play, and college needs.  

-As soon as we get the newly engineered plans and meet with the contractor to make sure we can pull it off, I will make sure you and the club see what we are doing.

Some things to anticipate – still in redesign but my confidence is fairly high.

-We should still have 12 courts total
-These courts will be within the footprint of the current tennis courts.
-There will be changes in how we do entrances and exits to give us some of the room we need.
-There are some advantages to this layout which allows us to use some of the existing fence and lighting poles.
-Courts will not be in place until later than planned.   We previously anticipated late July.  We should be done before college starts in September.
-Nothing is certain until we meet with the contractor early next week.

-After we get the contractors input I will share the design information with the club.    We will still not be certain because the contractor has to go back and crunch some numbers. 

APC Board

Temporary Rules for Pickleball Phase 1 – 5/26/2020

Temporary Rules for Pickleball
Albany, Oregon
Phase 1 – Through June 3, 2020
Revised/Updated 5/26/2020 (APC)

No Phase 2 Guidelines as of 6/8/2020

Play Singles Only – Doubles Play with Household Members Only (Phase 1 – Change 1)

Hello Albany Pickleball Players.  We know that everyone is anxious to get back to playing pickleball. This is a complicated time for players, clubs, and governments. Please be patient and follow the established guidelines and restrictions. If we do not comply, we may lose what we may lose the gains we have made. The worst-case, scenario, of course, is that we have friends who come down with COVID unnecessarily.

The good news is that the Hackleman courts are open.  The less-than-good news is that play is restricted to singles. Doubles is allowed at this point, but only within your household. This was relaxed from singles play only within to household very recently.  So changes are being made as we go along.

We have been hoping to have our twice-yearly club meeting, but it looks like it will need to be canceled due to crowd restrictions.  We hope to set one up during Phase 2 when group size is raised from 25 to 50.

At this point, we are in Phase 1 (of 3?) through June 3. The state is relaxing restrictions and getting back to “normal” in phases. County and city governments get their restrictions and guidelines handed down from the state. If the precautions and compliance seem to be working (COVID trends remain flat or down), they will relax restrictions and allow more open play. If not, they will extend the phase, or the courts may even be closed.

The Albany Pickleball Club Board has been busy behind the scenes trying to improve play for all pickleball players in the area. We are consulting with the city and county for COVID opening phases and the LBCC courts. We have sent a proposal to both the City Parks and Recreation, the Mayor, and the County Commissioners. Linn county, the lead agency, has forwarded our proposal on to the state. Our goal is reopening doubles in a safe, reasonable, consistent, and compliant way so we do not lose our ability to play this summer.

Since the allowed play is singles and households, we will not be starting organized club play at Hackleman. As we are allowed to start playing open doubles, we will be back with our normal days and times of play at Hackleman at least until the new courts are completed.

As we continue to follow the established safety precautions, the most important aspect is what level of play is open and authorized. (That is singles, doubles with household members, etc.) Please refer to our chart below. We will be updating as restrictions on play levels are authorized.  Hopefully we will have input on levels and safety precautions.

We know that changes are being made nationally in precautions such as wearing masks and virus transmission on hard surfaces. We hope these will be incorporated in new state precautions.  We also know that not everyone shares the same level of concern about the virus.  Our goal is to remain within the state guidelines and make it as safe as possible to play pickleball for as many people as possible. Again, we do not want any of our pickleball friends to become sick because we failed to follow established precautions.

Please note that there may be other facilities that seem to have some different, more relaxed restrictions. We are bringing these to the attention of the county/city.  We still need to comply with our established guidelines. We hope that their play, if outside the guidelines, does not affect our progression through the phases to the “new normal”!

Other News:

  • The Rally In The Valley and the SSIPA (Super Seniors International Pickleball Association) tournaments have been canceled due to COVID restrictions and because LBCC court construction may not be completed on time.
  • LBCC Court Construction – After a late start, they discovered the courts were originally constructed with 6” concrete pad back in the early ’70s.  The pad developed serious cracking and the solution was a fabric and asphalt lift.  This too developed cracks over time. The project is on hold to develop a change order and hopefully will restart in a week or so. It has been a week or so for a week or so!
  • Court lights: The board decided against lights due to cost.
  • Possible Shade Structures – Talking with LBCC about shade options including trees.

Temporary Rules for Pickleball
Albany, Oregon
Phase 1 – Through June 3, 2020
Revised/Updated 5/26/2020 (APC)

Play Singles Only – Doubles Play with Household Members Only  (changed from Singles with Household Only)  Hopefully we will get Doubles play in Phase 2.

  • Organized Club play will be started back up as doubles play is able to start. At this point setup your own singles and household play times.
  • Please have patience and follow the stated guidelines so we do not lose our outdoor courts to play on.
  • The Club is consulting with the City and County to get reasonable, consistent, safe guidelines.
  • The County forwarded our recommendations (similar to below, but with open doubles play) to the state.
  • Our goal is safe play following the established government guidelines and restrictions.

Do not play if:

• You have coronavirus symptoms: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC.

• Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

• Are a vulnerable individual or have underlying health conditions.

If you play:

·   Maintain six-foot distancing from others at all times.

·   Don’t congregate on courts, in common areas, or parking lots.

·   Limit or stagger playing groups.

·   Wash hands with soap and water and bring personal hand sanitizer to courts.

• Clean and sanitize paddles, rackets and water bottles.

Do not share equipment.

• Avoid touching gates, fences, nets, benches, etc.

• Use your paddle, racket, or shoe to pass out-of-play balls.

• Consider wearing gloves to help avoid touching pickleballs or tennis balls.

• Coordinate your group so each person serves with a different color or number ball. If that’s not an option, mark personal balls for individual use.

• Virtual handshakes only.

Use your own judgment to determine your ability to participate – play is at your own risk. 

Thank you, 

APC Board

New Pickleball Courts at LBCC

In a unique joint venture, the city of Albany has let a contract to build new pickleball courts utilizing the existing old courts at Linn Benton Community College. The $330,000 contract will renovate the old tennis courts into 8 dedicated pickleball courts and a “sports court” that is lined for one tennis court and 4 temporary pickleball courts. LBCC has, of course , supplied the land and will provide maintenance for the life of the courts. The construction should start in earnest the week of 4/27. The courts should be completed by mid July. We will post updates and pics of the construction as it moves along.

We are excited about the city decision to fund the court construction. The community will have excellent courts to play on and we appreciate the work of the city to provide new courts for our fast-growing sport.

Current Status:
When the city decided to build the new courts, we requested to have lights on 4 courts, a tournament desk pad and conduit for speaker wire. Due to funding these were pulled from the contract.

The Albany Pickleball Club has been working with the city since our inception in 2012 to get new courts. The Club has been generating funds through tournaments and dues earmarked for construction or improvements for new courts. We tried to fund lighting for 4 of the new courts through a change order in the new contract but the costs were more than we could cover. The current contract included LED security lights on the 2 existing poles on the east and west sides. The club was able to fund a light upgrade for the 2 east side poles (parking lot side) to provide partial lighting for pickleball play on the first 2 courts. This will position the courts to have another set of lights and poles to be placed sometime in the future, if play and demand shows we need it.

The board has been negotiating an agreement with the city for club play. We expect that to be completed prior to the courts opening. The board is looking at other improvements like a shed for our equipment and shade covers in addition to court lights.

Here are some of the “before” pics.

Referee Training June 11, 2019 – 6 PM Hackleman Pickleball Courts

Give Your Game an Edge! Give Your Club A Hand!

Knowing the rules could give you an edge, and maybe a point or 2 in a game! Refereeing is not as hard as you might think, and it is an important part of any sanctioned tournament. In fact, Referees for each game and match is a requirement. Referees ensure fairness across games in a tournament, even in social play. The more you know, the better the game!

The Albany Pickleball Club Referee Clinic gives you everything you need to begin the process and by practicing a little you can get very comfortable with the process. You get to help out the club and you get a front row seat! If you are new to refereeing, We Want You! If you would like a refresher, We Need You!

Our Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament will be July 26, 27, and 28th. The Rally is a USAPA sanctioned tournament so we will need referees for each game. You do not need to be a Certified Referee to referee. This will be a 2-2/1 hour clinic put on by Bob Anderson, the Referee Coordinator for the Rally. You will get specific instructions on how to keep score with tricks to keeping it all straight. You will learn what equipment to take to the court with you and how to start a game/match. There is always time for rules discussions for those rules that you have questions about. Plus you will get time to ref with a mentor to get you started. Then, we hope you will practice refereeing with score boards and sheets that we will have available during our organized play times. We will also try to have some mentored ref practice sessions between now and the Rally.

Referee training actually is an underrated way to improve your pickleball game. Knowing the rules and playing by the rules is important in any sport or game. Did you know that there are very few times when we should replay a point? Even in Social play? Many times I will hear “let’s replay since this is just a social game”. So which rules do you ignore? For instance, if you don’t see whether the ball is in or out, or you and your partner disagree, the rules clearly state that the call goes in favor of the other team. Simple, right? But often ignored.There are many other examples where knowing the rules is important.

There are many sources to help you. If you can, review the following:
** Quick Start Referee Video available on the USAPA Website under the tab Rules and Referees and then Referee Training Tools. Or go to it at this website:
** USAPA Rule Book: Player Rules Quiz:
**Referee Test:

Give your game an edge! Knowing the rules may help you gain an extra point in a match. Our ref clinic will teach you not only where you can possibly ‘win’ a couple of ‘free’ points in a match by knowing the rules but it will help you feel confident in refereeing matches.

Albany Pickleball Courts Update

LBCC has been selected as the location for the new courts based on cost and a few other items. Construction at LBCC will be about half the cost of the Timber Linn option. Kudus goes to Stephanie Lowe for proposing this option as there is a good chance we would not be getting courts built this soon.

The courts will be public with exclusive time for the Club and LBCC activities. The city council approved moving forward with developing an Intergovernmental Agreement with LBCC for construction, operation and maintenance of the new courts. This is a unique relationship to provide courts that benefits both entities. The city will pay to have the existing tennis courts at LBCC replaced with pickleball courts. LBCC will maintain the pickleball courts over their life.

After finalizing the agreement would move to finishing the engineering design -> Contract -> Construction. Part of this agreement will outline yearly scheduling and operating schedules that includes exclusive time for the Albany Pickleball Club.

Completion estimates are subject to a lot of factors. If everything was to go perfectly we could see completion by November. More likely it will be late spring or early summer. The final number of courts (8 minimum, 12 maximum) will be determined by the final bid.

There was interest by the council to know more about pickleball in general. Also about how people can find play times and dates. The board will be providing that information to the city.

The board will be discussing schedules for organized play, clinics and tournaments on the new courts.