LBCC Pickleball Courts – Sept 24, 2021

We are getting there!!! It seems like the courts have moved ahead slowly at times, but things are moving.

Panoramic Shot of Courts
  • Almost 40 folks playing today on 8 permanent courts!!! (Check out the vid below)
  • Shed up and painted.
  • Toilet finally here and cleverly camouflaged.
  • Grass along the East side smoothed, seeded and mulched.
  • Latest word is that we are looking at late October to get the gates installed.
  • Committees are being set up for Court Play Times and Court Improvements. Be sure to let the board know if you are interested in being on a committee.
  • Eric Swander was elected as Club Treasurer and Clay Dluehosh was reelected as Vice President. Both for 2-year terms – Congratulations!!!! And thanks for your service.
Cleverly Camouflaged Toilet
Video of play – Sept 24, 2021