Pickleball Skill Level Definitions

One of the big questions people ask is “what skill level or rating am I?”  Or  what skill level should I enter in a tournament.  Here are a 2 documents that can help you determine your skill level. One is from the USAPA and the other is a self rating flowchart from the Pickleball Guru, Prem Carnot.

The USAPA Tournament Rating System went into effect in 2018/2019 and will effect how you will be able to register for sanctioned tournaments. Here are some Tournament Rating System FAQ’s.

USAPA 2019 Skill Level Definitions
The USAPA recently developed a comprehensive program that clearly outlines the necessary skills for each respective player’s rating. On the website, interactive display buttons are available to walk you through the process.

The Pickleball Guru’s Rating Finder:
A simple Yes/No path to finding your rating. This is a little older (2016), but gives you a great way to start to determine your rating.  Thanks to Prem Carnot.  Please visit his site: Pickleball Guru for more information.

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