Albany Pickleball Club

Welcome to Albany Pickleball, home of the Albany Pickleball Club and the Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament.  We are incorporated as an Oregon non-profit club (September 12, 2012).

Become an APC Member or Contact the Club:

Please see Places to Play for more detailed info on summer pickleball venues.


The Albany Pickleball Club will resume our reserved summer pickleball play schedule for members at the Hackleman Pickleball Courts. Non-members are always welcome with a $3 drop-in fee. 
Club reserved play times through the City of Albany are:
–  Mon/Wed/Fri 9 AM to 12 PM,
– Tuesday evenings 5-8 PM ,
– Friday 5-8 PM, Advanced play
– Sunday – 2 to 5 PM
For organized play times, members will receive the code to the lockbox on the net to access the back room of the restrooms to get balls, the AED, the first aid kit and sanitizing materials. Please remember to return all items, lock up the store room and return the key to the lockbox.
Again this year the APC and City will provide a locked portable toilet for members. The combination will be BUCK. There will also be an open public portable toilet until the restrooms open.
Please use the player rotation system and paddle box to provide fair play times during reserved play.  
The club will be emailing more information out to our mailing list.
Playtime Scheduler ( has become the scheduler (but not a reservation system!) of choice for most folks over the winter. We have entered our reserve play times on the scheduler to help avoid double scheduling. Playtime Scheduler continues to be a good tool for people wanting to schedule play outside of reserved club play times.
Please join the club. Dues are currently $20 per year and may go up when we move to the LBCC courts. The dues, as well as Rally In The Valley tournament proceeds go towards adding amenities to our courts and promoting pickleball for everyone in the area. Examples are a storage shed at the new courts, a  pathway around the courts, shade structure, bleachers, training and clinics. We know that many have been holding off joining because of the uncertainty of the weather and Covid. Please take this opportunity to contact Cheryl or Pam or another board member and join the club.  Email:
The Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts construction should be finished by late May or early June. We are not sure yet when or if the LBCC campus will be open so we can play this summer.
The new courts will be THE premier pickleball facility in the Willamette Valley when open and are the result of 10 years of efforts by the club to obtain new courts in Albany.

Other Court Options (See Places To Play)

  • Boys & Girls Club – (Normally October through April)
  • Albany Tennis Club
  • G3 Sports – Corvallis
  • Mid-Willamette Family YMCA
  • Timberhill Athletic Club

Covid Temporary Rules for Pickleball

If anyone has concerns about their safety during play sessions, in regards to Covid-19, please talk to an APC board member so we can help. 

We have bleach and buckets available if you want to sanitize Pickleballs.
Please follow all published guidelines for masks, social distancing and outdoor play.

Do not play if:

  • You have coronavirus symptoms: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC.
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • re a vulnerable individual or have underlying health conditions.

If You Play

  • Maintain six-foot distancing from others at all times.
  • Don’t congregate on courts, in common areas, or parking lots.
  • Wash hands with soap and water and bring personal hand sanitizer to courts..
  • Virtual handshakes only

Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts Construction: Please see our Blog for Updates!
Looking for pictures of the Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts Construction? (Please see our Blog.)  After start work, May 11, 2020, there were several subsurface issues that caused a stop-work and redesign. We do not know the status of the new design or the new start work date or the anticipated completion date.

Please see 2019 7th Annual Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament for pictures and results.

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Albany Pickleball Club is to organize the play of Pickleball in Albany, OR and the surrounding Mid-Willamette Valley for the enjoyment, fellowship and promotion of the sport of Pickleball. See our Albany Pickleball Club Bylaws.

Play Dates and Times:  (More info – See Places to Play)

You can get weekly emails and updates by providing your email to albanypickleball (at)

Albany Pickleball Courts

Albany Pickleball Courts: Hacklman Pickleball Courts & Albany Boys & Girls Club

From day 1 we have had a great relationship with the City of Albany to promote and grow pickleball.  Together we selected the little used tennis court at Eleanor Hackleman Park as a suitable venue for our pickleball play with the long term goal of enhancing and renovating the court into 4 pickleball courts. In 2012, the City invested in court patching and painting materials and members of the Club provided the “love and labor”, bought one set of posts/net and the proceeds from the Rally In The Valley tournament were used to renovate the courts.  The collaboration between the City and the Club has developed 4 permanent courts in Albany that we can all be proud of.

July/August, 2012:  Hackleman Court Renovation Phase 1.  Power washed the entire tennis court surface, patched cracks and divots, painted the south half of the court, painted lines and installed permanent nets and posts.  The courts were finished just before the tournament.

Hackleman Pickleball Courts Phase 1

Court painting and first day of play on the 2 new permanent courts.

August 24-26, 2012:  Our 1st Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament at West Albany High School.

Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament 2012

Some of the tournament play.

October 2012:  Hackleman Court Renovation Phase 2.  Patched and resurfaced the north half of the court, painted the courts and painted lines.  Permanent nets and posts, although purchased, will not be installed until spring of 2013 as we will be moving indoors soon.
Hackleman Pickleball Courts Phase 2

2019 Rally In The Valley Flyer