Albany Pickleball Club

Welcome to Albany Pickleball, home of the Albany Pickleball Club and the Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament.  We are incorporated as an Oregon non-profit club (September 12, 2012).

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Albany Pickleball Club is to organize the play of Pickleball in Albany, OR and the surrounding Mid-Willamette Valley for the enjoyment, fellowship and promotion of the sport of Pickleball. 

Become an APC Member 
Purchase your 2023/2024 membership now and support the club activities. Dues are $30 per year and membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year.   You can pay by cash or check or Pay Your Membership Dues Thru Square  (Our Secure Payment Option).

Contact the Club or get on our mailing list: 

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Our 2023 Edward Jones Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament is in the books!
The Albany Pickleball Club wants to thank all players, spectators, sponsors and venders for your support. We have photos available for viewing at:
Medal, and Friday Action Photos (Dropbox)
Action Photos for Saturday and Sunday (Facebook)
– Please mark your calendars for our 2024 Rally: August 23-25, 2024!

Playtime Scheduler ( has become the scheduler (but not a reservation system!) of choice. We have entered our reserve play times on the scheduler to help avoid double scheduling. Playtime Scheduler continues to be a good tool for people wanting to schedule play outside of reserved club play times.

August 2023 Calendar of Play (Click Calendar to Enlarge)

SUMMER & FALL 2023  (See Places To Play)

8 Dedicated Courts and 4 lined courts for temporary nets!
The Albany Pickleball Club has paid to reserve courts 1-6 for club play. We provide liability insurance for the City and LBCC and also secondary injury insurance for paid club members during club activities. We have loaner paddles and will be glad to help anyone get started. 

Club reserved play times through the City of Albany and LBCC are:
–  Mon/Wed/Fri – 9 AM to 12 PM
– Tues/Thurs afternoons – 1PM to 4PM 
– Sunday – 2 to 5 PM

Albany Boys & Girls Club – Boys & Girls Club New Gym:  Albany Boys and Girls Club  1215 Hill St. Albany, OR 97322 –  3 Indoor Courts
*** The B&GC Play may extend through June (based on AB&G schedules) for those rainy days based on the AB&G schedule. Check Playtime Scheduler ( for play times.  

Albany Tennis Club:  1423 27th Ave SW, 541-926-2513
Contact ATC directly for pickleball or regular memberships and play over the summer.

Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts Construction: Please see our Blog for Updates!