Court Guidelines

Albany Pickleball Club Court Guidelines

As we continue to grow as a club we should provide an opportunity to socialize among our club members, players to play at their skill level and players to build their skills.  At some point we could have several different courts providing several differing levels of play so that everyone can play at their competitive level.  But we also want to continue to build our relationships within the club.  As we develop more levels of play, it is important for everyone to be flexible and understanding.

 General: – For consistency service starts on the fence side of the courts.
– For safety don’t chase your ball onto an active court.  Call “Ball” and let them retrieve for you.
– When returning an errant ball, don’t just flick it back in the general direction of the other court as it can then interfere with several courts of play.  Look for someone raising their hand to accept the ball and send it their way.  Raise your hand to accept ball.
– Be flexible as play and rotation gets confusing at times.  “If you see something, say something.”
Let’s make the guidelines work for us.

Social Play:
– The purpose of social play is so that we get to play and socialize with all members of the club.  Advanced members helping out social players where they can.
– Court play depends on number of people available and we ask that all players be flexible so everyone gets to play as much as possible.
– Players will play a maximum of 2 games, then rotate off courts.
– Winners remain and split to play their 2nd game.
– Try to accommodate players getting ready for tournaments.  Always ask if people mind if you play together.
– Losers will rotate off courts.
– When a game finishes, check with other courts to determine their status.  Wait for them if they are close to finishing.  If other courts are in mid game and nobody is waiting, split and play another game.   Keeping play moving lets more people play more games.
– Tailor your play to the levels of your opponents.
– Be careful of aggressive play towards lower skill levels.
– Don’t always play to the weaker partner or vice versa.

Split Play:
–  Advance court(s) can be set up about 1-1/2 hour into a session.  If the time is right, anyone can make the call.  Don’t need to wait for a board member to do it.
The purpose of split play is so that people can play as close to their own skill level as possible.
– Appropriate competitive play is a major factor in building skills and improving your game.  Playing against more competitive players may not allow you to work on and develop your skills because of their more aggressive play.   Playing against less competitive players does not provide an opportunity to sharpen advance skills.
– Advanced play generally means 3.5 and higher.
– There will be a separate paddle line for each level – Advanced/Intermediate/Social.
– Play will depend on numbers of players in each group.  If there are not enough players in a group to facilitate play, then play should be combined.
–  We will probably revise how we play to try new things that may provide a better experience for all players.

General Guidelines
– Be considerate of other player’s opportunities to play.  Social levels constantly challenging into advanced play does not provide consistent advanced opportunities.  Advanced players who only play advanced does not provide social opportunities.
– If off-court, be aware of on-court game status and calls for new players to keep play moving along.
– If on-court, but not in your skill level (helping make up a 4-some), be sure folks playing on other courts know you want to rotate in at the next opportunity.
– Paddle lines are not that easy to see so be sure to check if people are “in line” prior to starting a follow-up  game.

Comments are invited.  There may be other items we should add or modify.  We want our club and our pickleball play to be as fun and challenging as possible.

Realize that play at Hackleman with 4 courts will be different than play at the B&GC with only 3 courts. Sometimes the advance court may need to rotate off court every 2 games so that there are not long wait lines for other players.

There is more flexibility at Hackleman and it may be possible to have 1 Social, 2 intermediate and 1 Advanced court. Again, watch for longer waits and adjust accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Court Guidelines

    • Hi Darlene. During organized play you would need to hold your paddles back until you were able to get on a court together. And that would be if there are enough people to do a 4 on/4 off. If they are using a 2 on then there would be 2 folks waiting for on the courts for the next 2 paddles up so just would not work well and would not be fair to the other players waiting. Remember, the focus on organized play days is to give everyone equal play times. You can also setup a separate time outside of the scheduled organized play days and times to play. This does not work for the Boys & Girls club because the times are limited to those shown. You can’t just drop in. But when summer play begins at Hackleman there is lots of free time outside of the organized play that you can use.

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