2014 Picklebarrel Classic Winners

Congratulations to all of our Albany Pickleball Club Medalists in the 2014 Picklebarrel Classic Pickleball Tournament in Vancouver, WA.

Mens Singles Skill Groups 3.5
Bronze  Lee Nordhagen

Womens Singles Groups Skill 3.5
Silver     Suzanne Colby

Mens Singles Skill Groups 4.0
Bronze  Robert Anderson

Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0,2.5 Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0
Bronze   Harold Steward and Michael Criswell

Mens Doubles Skill Groups 4.0
Bronze  Brady Hallock and  Ira Doran

Womens Doubles Skill Groups 3.5
Gold       Angela Morrison and Joyce Torresdal

Here is  a link for all the results: