Albany Pickleball Club Medalists – 2nd Annual Rally In The Valley

Members of the Albany Pickleball Club rallied to win medals at the 2nd Annaul Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament in Albany, OR.

Congrats to all the medalists and all those that competed in the tournament.

Men’s Singles:
Gold:  Eric Swander
MS_3.0_Gold_Eric Swander
Silver:  John Morey
MS_3.0_Silver_John Morey
3.5     Gold:  Brian Morey
MS_3.5_Gold_Brian Morey

Women’s Singles
Gold:  Suzann Colby
Silver:  Sherri Oslie
Bronze:  Joyce Torresdal

Men’s Doubles
Gold:  Brian Morey/John Morey
MD_3.5_3.0_Gold_John Morey_Brian Morey
Silver:   Lee Nordhagen/Bob LeRoy
MD_3.5_3.0_Bronze_Lee Nordhagen_Bob LeRoyBronze:  Larry Haima/Charlie Crouse
MD_3.5_3.0_Bronze_Charlie Crouse_Larry Haima

Bronze:  Bob Anderson/Roger RosenthalMD_4.0_Bronze_Bob Anderson_Roger Rosenthal2

Gold:  Patrick Williams/Craig Poole
Silver:  Po Leung/Vukman Soskic
MD_4.5_Poole_Williams_Leung_Soskic_Campbell and Campbell (NS)

Women’s Doubles
Gold:  Joyce Torresdal/Florence Allen
Silver: Diane Lane/CoraMay Johnson
Gold:  Sherri Oslie/Suzanne Colby
WD_3.5_Gold_Sherri Oslie_Suzanne Colby4.0
Silver:  Connie Anderson/Judy Rosenthal
WD_4.0_Silver_Connie Anderson_Judy Rosenthal
Mixed Doubles
Gold:  Tangi/John Morey
MXD_3.0_Gold_Tangie Garcia_John Morey
Silver: Jean Miller/Brian Joynt (Joynt Doc)
MXD_3.0_Bronze_Brian Joynt_Jean Miller

Gold:  Sherri Oslie/Brian Morey
Silver: Suzanne Colby/Lee Nordhagen
Gold:  Emily Willaims/Patrick WilliamsMXD_4.5_Gold_Emily Williams_Patrick WilliamsSilver:  Winsom Wong/Shane Denning
MXD_4.5_Silver_Winsom Wong_Shane Denning


Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament

The Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament was held Aug 2-3, 2013.  Our Albany Pickleball Club made a great showing and we had a great time socializing during and after the tournament.

3.5 Men’s Singles:
Gold – Brian Morey

3.5 Men’s  Doubles:
Gold – John Morey/Brian Morey
Silver – Lee Nordhagen

4.5 Men’s Doubles:
Silver – Po Leung/Shane Denning

3.5 Women’s Singles:
Silver – Suzanne Colby

3.5 Women’s Doubles:
Gold – Suzanne Colby/Sherri Oslie

3.0 Women’s Doubles:
Silver – Florence Allen/Joyce Torresdal

4.5 Women’s Doubles:
Silver – Connie Anderson

3.0 Mixed Doubles:
Gold – Joyce Torresdal/John Morey

3.5 Mixed Doubles:
Silver – Sherri Oslie/Brian Morey
Bronze – Suzanne Colby/Lee Nordhagen

A few pics: