New Albany Pickleball Courts coming in 2019

Great News for all of our Albany Pickleballers!!!!

New pickleball courts are in the future for Albany. Funding has been identified by the city in their 2018/2019 budget which begins July 1 to provide additional pickleball courts in the Albany.  Pickleball courts are one of only two major recreation projects funded. The Albany Pickleball Cub has been a actively working with the city for 6 years to obtain updated and adequate courts for the rapidly growing pickleball community.

New pickleball courts could be available as soon as spring of 2019. The city is looking at two possible sites:

  • Timber Linn Sports Park:  New construction of 8 courts near the parking lot and softball field during Phase 1 and 4 additional courts, yet to be funded, in Phase 2.
  • Linn Benton Community College: Renovation of their four unused, underutilized tennis courts.  Initial discussions have just begun at this point and involves up to 12 permanent pickleball courts.

New courts are the result of over 6 years of work and focus by the Albany Pickleball Club Board and Members.  Since the inception of the club, the overall goals= has been to grow pickleball and to provide new, adequate pickleball courts in Albany.  To that end, the club members have contributed untold hours to put on 6 tournaments to raise funds to help in the cause.  The club officers have met many times over that period with the city Parks and Recreation to provide input on design, location and pickleball needs.  The presence of an organized club, the member’s work and commitment and the funding partnerships has been a major factor in getting new courts in Albany, as it has all over the country. It is due to club membership contributions (through dues) and the Board’s continued focus and presence that  we are at this point where new courts are finally being funded.

Stay tuned for future updates.