Destination Pickleball China

(Overview:  Below is the article that Corvallis, OR ambassadors Bob & Connie Anderson submitted to the USAPA Newsletter of the Corvallis Pickleball group’s trip to introduce pickleball in China.  This post is intended to supplement the USAPA article as there is a limit on how long that article can be, so we are reproducing it here with some additional stories from the travelers themselves.  The stories are many and you can tell how much fun the group had on their trip.  This is  along post, so sit back and take it all in.)

China, An Amazing Country!

Connie & Bob Anderson “playing” pickleball on the Great Wall.

Connie & Bob Anderson “playing” pickleball on the Great Wall.

Six couples from Corvallis, OR, which included nine USAPA pickleball players, traveled to China this fall to introduce pickleball to as many Chinese people as we could. We took a portable USAPA net and paddles, which were all donated by Steve Wong of
S-Type Sports. (Thanks again Steve!) We demonstrated pickleball in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou and on the Great Wall and on our ship on the Yangtze River. We were invited to ‘Guangdong Industrial Technical College to demonstrate pickleball. It was at this site that we donated the net and paddles we carried so the college could continue to teach pickleball to their students and faculty. Continue reading

Albany Pickleball Google Street View!

WE are famous!   Well, sort of.  Kudos to Florence for noticing this.   On Google Street View when you do a search for the courts you can see us out there playing pickleball!

Some of you may remember when the Google Street View Car came around and we were trying to get shots of some of us waving.  Well, they snuck in a picture of us actually playing pickleball.

To see this yourself, go to do a search for “SE 7th Ave and SE Sherman St. Albany, OR”.  This will put you at the corner by the sand volleyball court.

Google Street View 2

After you click on the Street View picture you will see an interactive view.  There will be some white arrows that you can click on to move you up the street (you will need to click several times) until you are about even with the courts.  Then if you click and hold in the upper middle of the View and drag your cursor to the right it will move the view to the left towards the courts.

Google Street View 1

And Here You Are!!!  What a good looking crew.  You can directly to Albany Pickleball Club at Hackleman Park on Google:

Google Street View 3

Here is a view from the other side. You can see who the glory hounds are.

Google Street View 4

This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Google probably won’t be back around to our town anytime soon.