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Albany Pickleball Club 2012

A llittle history of the Albany Pickleball Club and its formation.

We have been playing pickleball since 2008 in the Albany/Salem area.  We started by striping courts at Burkhart Park and the North Albany Middle School and had probably about 6-8 people playing, total.  In a partnership with the City and our group of players we began playing at Hackleman Park.  We striped lines, and used temporary nets.  With seed funding from the City and a huge time investment and some donations from the players we have now established 4 permanent courts at Hackleman Park for summer play.  We have also been playing indoors in the winter at the Boys and Girls Club of Albany for several years.

In 2012 we held the First Annual Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament.  The goal was to promote pickleball in the Mid-Willamette Valley and raise funds for court improvements.

The number of players has consistently grown and on September 16, we had an organizing meeting potluck at the Hackleman Courts to decide if we wanted to form a club.  We had a draft of bylaws and came up with a plan on how we wanted to move forward.

On October 10, we had our first formal meeting and elected officers.  Here is a pic of the 2012 officers.  Left to right:  President – Dennis Dahlen; Vice President – John Morey; Secretary – Bob LeRoy; Treasurer – Linda Pierson; “Past President” – Bob VanderLinden

2012 Elected officers of the Albany Pickleball Club

Here are some pics of our meeting:

Surprising Pickleball Shot

While playing tonight at the Albany Boys & Girls Club, Craig hit 2 amazing shots that took some of us by surprise! A shot came to him cross court at such an angle that it first bounced in the kitchen then out of the side of the court. Craig was able to run it down and return it while outside the court hitting the ball into the opponents court WITHOUT the ball going over the net. It was shot around the end of the net post. So here is rule 12.K. that shows that this is a valid Pickleball shot. Again, awesome shots Craig!


CPR Class

On October 25 fourteen members of the Albany Pickleball Club learned how to perform CPR. Suzanne Colby, one of our members and a certified CPR instructor, volunteered her time to teach the class, just for us, at the Albany Boys and Girls Club. We listened to Suzanne’s explanations, watched the video from the American Red Cross, then practiced what we had learned on the manikins that Suzanne had brought. Suzanne observed each of us and offered constructive criticism. The hardest part was getting back up after kneeling on the floor for a while! We all feel much better prepared for emergencies which could happen any time, on or off the courts. Thank you, Suzanne!

Submitted by: Susan Dahlen


Advanced Court Times

The Board is soliciting your input and suggestions.

One of the recent Board meeting topics was times for advanced players.  Bob L. said that several members have expressed an interest in establishing a court and/or times set aside for advanced (3.5 and up) players.   Historically at Hackleman we had an advanced play/challenge court designated from about 11:00 on.

Everyone recognizes this can be a sensitive subject, and the Board wants to make sure that if this is done, it be handled in a way that avoids or minimizes any tension. Discussion included that those players wanting to have such an arrangement should not entirely separate themselves from other players and should willingly mix in to sustain play on all available courts and provide a positive challenge to lower ranked players.

The Board thought the blog would be the perfect place to lay out the issues and solicit comments that everyone could particpate in.

Pls leave your comments one way or the other about this issue.