2019 Rules Changes

Here are the recent 2019 rules changes including a link to download the newest rules, a link to the specific revision for 2019 and attached is a pdf presentation of the same. Club members can also buy the rulebook online. I personally download the rules and revisions and save them to iBooks on my iPhone so I can reference when needed. Not sure of a process for Androids.

In addition, attached is a slideshow that one of the certified referees, George McCulley, made for a presentation. George has been the Referee Coordinator for the Nationals for the last  2 years.

Rules are important for consistency of play across the US and internationally.  I have heard people (not here especially) say “that’s for tournaments and this is social play.”  Everyone should try to be at least a little familiar with the rules.  If you are not sure, look it up if you can or feel free to email me and I’ll get you a definitive answer.  There are always the rules definitions and interpretations that are taken for granted over time and then when you go to a different club or tournament you find out it was not correct.  And rules discussions can be fun and informative. 

Referee’g can be fun and is important for tournaments, especially USAPA sanctioned tournaments.  And that would be our upcoming Rally In The Valley!  If you are interested there is lots of information here:  https://www.usapa.org/referee-training-tools/   .  Get involved, practice and have fun!

You can also find links to the rules, revisions, a basic Rules Overview  and a short video on our club website:  https://albanypickleball.com/how-to-play/301-2/ .  You can ask questions, or post a comment to this page and I will answer as soon as possible.

Official Rules Page :  https://www.usapa.org/ifp-official-rules/

 Excerpt From USAPA Website:
2019 Rule Revisions
To aid in recognizing and understanding the rule changes, we are providing the 2019 Rulebook Revisions document. This document is not intended to cover every wording change, but is designed to guide you through the significant rule changes. Click here to view.

 Purchase a Hard Copy
A durable spiral-bound copy of the 2018 USAPA/IFP Rulebook is now available for purchase at the USAPA Retail Store! (Click here).  The 2019 Rulebook is currently being printed and will be available in the USAPA Retail Store very soon.

Pickleball Rules Summary
Looking for a basic overview of the rules?  Click Here to see our page of abbreviated rules.  You can watch a  short ‘pickleball rules’ video on this page as well.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask.