LBCC Pickleball Courts Update 10/09/2020

Black posts/chain link fence are installed for cross-court fences. Possible future change to close in the corner fences so balls don’t shoot through into other courts. Also potential to put gates in south end for access without going through courts that are in play.

Court surfacing began several days ago. Blue is the pickleball (or tennis court) play area and the green is the out-of-bounds. The kitchen will not have a separate color, maybe something to be added in the future. I believe there are several more coats to be painted, but the rain that started Friday night will delay work, again!

Net posts and nets will be installed after the painting is completed.

Concrete for sidewalk extensions and restroom/shed pads have yet to be poured. And trenches for wiring and fountain are still partially or completely open. No estimated completion date due to rain.

Pictures show courts from the center of the PB courts.

Pictures from Sports Court fence line

Sports Court: Painted for tennis but permanently lined for both tennis and pickleball. Includes a basketball hoop at the north end but uncertain about basketball lines.

Video of the crew putting down exterior (Green) surfacing