Spring Fling Pickleball Tournament Results

The Spring Fling Pickleball Tournament was held on April 27/28 at the Timberhill Athletic Club.  Players came from all over the northwest and some coming from as far LA, Canada and Arizona.

Shane Denning and Bob & Connie Anderson  put on a great tournament with some great play.  Sharon and Adina put in some long hours at the Tournament Desk.  Many of our club were referees.  Saturday play finished at 10:30 PM, but Sunday was over early at 8:30.  As always if was fun to see friends from the pickleball clubs around OR and WA and make new friends.

Below are the results of our Albany Pickleball Club players and a link to all the results.

John Morey/Brian Morey – Bronze – Men’s 3.5
John Morey (Debra Johnson)  – Silver – Mixed 3.0
Sherri Oslie/Joyce Torresdal – Silver – Women’s 3.0
Sue Leung – Ann Reynolds – Bronze – Women’s 3.5

Here is a link to all the Spring Fling Pickleball Tournament Results.

Looking forward to seeing some of these some folks at our Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament Aug 16-18, 2013.