Albany Pickleball Courts Update

LBCC has been selected as the location for the new courts based on cost and a few other items. Construction at LBCC will be about half the cost of the Timber Linn option. Kudus goes to Stephanie Lowe for proposing this option as there is a good chance we would not be getting courts built this soon.

The courts will be public with exclusive time for the Club and LBCC activities. The city council approved moving forward with developing an Intergovernmental Agreement with LBCC for construction, operation and maintenance of the new courts. This is a unique relationship to provide courts that benefits both entities. The city will pay to have the existing tennis courts at LBCC replaced with pickleball courts. LBCC will maintain the pickleball courts over their life.

After finalizing the agreement would move to finishing the engineering design -> Contract -> Construction. Part of this agreement will outline yearly scheduling and operating schedules that includes exclusive time for the Albany Pickleball Club.

Completion estimates are subject to a lot of factors. If everything was to go perfectly we could see completion by November. More likely it will be late spring or early summer. The final number of courts (8 minimum, 12 maximum) will be determined by the final bid.

There was interest by the council to know more about pickleball in general. Also about how people can find play times and dates. The board will be providing that information to the city.

The board will be discussing schedules for organized play, clinics and tournaments on the new courts.