Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament

The Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament was held Aug 2-3, 2013.  Our Albany Pickleball Club made a great showing and we had a great time socializing during and after the tournament.

3.5 Men’s Singles:
Gold – Brian Morey

3.5 Men’s  Doubles:
Gold – John Morey/Brian Morey
Silver – Lee Nordhagen

4.5 Men’s Doubles:
Silver – Po Leung/Shane Denning

3.5 Women’s Singles:
Silver – Suzanne Colby

3.5 Women’s Doubles:
Gold – Suzanne Colby/Sherri Oslie

3.0 Women’s Doubles:
Silver – Florence Allen/Joyce Torresdal

4.5 Women’s Doubles:
Silver – Connie Anderson

3.0 Mixed Doubles:
Gold – Joyce Torresdal/John Morey

3.5 Mixed Doubles:
Silver – Sherri Oslie/Brian Morey
Bronze – Suzanne Colby/Lee Nordhagen

A few pics:



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