Club Rewards Program Code = CRAlbany

Here is a cool rewards program that could benefit both our members individually and the club.
To promote pickleball, has a Club Rewards program that has 2 benefits.  By the way, Pickleball Central is sponsoring our tournament by supplying drawstring  paddle bags for all the entrants!!!!

1)  For YOU – ClubRewards members receive 5% off everything they purchase from When checking out, simply type in our club’s unique
discount code – CRAlbany – (Not case sensitive), in the coupon code box, hit the “apply” button and you’ll see 5% of the bill disappear! This code is active NOW for you to use!

2)  For OUR CLUB – every time a member uses our club’s discount code, 5% of their purchase goes into the club’s “kitty” or Reward Account. In February Pickleball Central will send our club representative a gift card for the value of whatever is in the club’s Reward Account from the preceding year. The gift card can be used toward the purchase of anything they sell.

We will hand out printed membership cards with our club’s discount code printed on them. We can liberally distribute these cards to our local pickleball club members and people interested in pickleball in our local area.  Pls do not post our club’s discount code on coupon websites.

2 thoughts on “Club Rewards Program Code = CRAlbany

  1. Bob
    Could you contact me in reference to your august tournament for next year. A group of us from Venture Out In Mesa meet in the summer to different tournaments and we may like to come to your town next year.
    Steve powell

    • Hey Steve, sent you an email. Love to have you guys come up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to attend our tournament. Glad to provide more info anytime.

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