LBCC Courts Update – 6/8/2020

This is a response that we received from the city updating us on the courts.  We are also anxiously waiting for the Phase two rules to be given so that we may start some organized play.  Stay tuned!

-When the contractor started work we found 2 significant challenges.   Unexpectedly the current courts are built on a 6 inch slab of concrete with an asphalt overlay.  We didn’t anticipate that the entire court would have this base.   We also found that the ground for the addition was unusually soft and would take 18 inches of additional excavation and rock to get it solid and up to grade.   

-With these challenges the cost to build to the original plan grew from $330,000 to $484,000.   Almost half again as much as budgeted.

-We are not at all able to come up with that funding so we had to look at how to “value engineer” (a nice way to say cut costs).

-We are confident that we can make a set of courts that work well for club play, community play, and college needs.  

-As soon as we get the newly engineered plans and meet with the contractor to make sure we can pull it off, I will make sure you and the club see what we are doing.

Some things to anticipate – still in redesign but my confidence is fairly high.

-We should still have 12 courts total
-These courts will be within the footprint of the current tennis courts.
-There will be changes in how we do entrances and exits to give us some of the room we need.
-There are some advantages to this layout which allows us to use some of the existing fence and lighting poles.
-Courts will not be in place until later than planned.   We previously anticipated late July.  We should be done before college starts in September.
-Nothing is certain until we meet with the contractor early next week.

-After we get the contractors input I will share the design information with the club.    We will still not be certain because the contractor has to go back and crunch some numbers. 

APC Board