Crunchy Dill Pickleball Tournament – Eugene, OR

We had 14 Albany Pickleball Players medal in the Crunchy Dill Pickleball Tournament held in Eugene, OR. June 7th & 8th.

Mens Doubles 3.0 GOLD                       Roger Harrison & Jim Hoggatt
Mens Doubles 3.0 BRONZE                  Harold Steward & Mike Criswell
Mens Doubles 3.5 BRONZE                  Grahm Trask & Silas Baffa
Mens Doubles 4.0 SILVER                     Bob Anderson & Roger Rosenthal
Mens Doubles 4.5/5.0 SILVER               Kurtis Campbell & Patrick Williams
Mixed Doubles 3.5 BRONZE                  Angie Morrison & Jim Morrison
Mixed Doubles 4.0 BRONZE                  Sherri Oslie & Brian Morey
Womens Doubles 3.5 SILVER                CoraMay Johnson & Angie Morrison
Womens Doubles 4.0 GOLD                  Ching-chia Ko & Sherrie Oslie
Womens Doubles 4.0 SILVER                Connie Anderson & Judy Rosenthal

Congratulations to all!!!  A great showing for our club.