Albany Club Scores High at Bend Tournament

The Albany Pickleball Club garnered 10 medals in the Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament held August 15-17, 2014.  The new Bend Pickleball Courts provided a great venue for a weekend of pickleball fun.  The addition of another 8 courts by next year’s tournament thanks, to a not-so-secret donor, will make Bend the largest venue in the northwest.

Congratulations to our APC Medalists!!!

Men’s Doubles 3.0 Silver: Jim Hoggatt – Harold BatesMD 3.0 Hoggatt_Bates
Men’s Doubles 3.5 Gold: Jim Morrison – Mark Floyd
Men’s Doubles 3.5 Silver: John Morey – Richard LeedMD 3.5 GoldSilver Morrison_Floyd_Morey_Leedy
Men’s Doubles 4.0 Gold:  Brian Morey – Tim GardnerMD 4.0 Gold Morey-Gardner
Men’s Doubles 4.0 Silver: Bob Anderson – Tom KruseMD 4.0 Gold Anderson-Kruze

Men’s Doubles 4.5 Gold: Shane Denning – Po Leung

Men’s Single’s 3.5 Bronze:  Lee NordhagenMS 3.5 Silver Nordhagen

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver:  Angie Morrison – Jim MorrisonMXD 3.5 Silver Morrison-Morrison
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Gold: Sherri Oslie – Brian MoreyMXD 4.0 Gold Oslie_Morey

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Bronze:  Angie Morrison – CoraMay Johnson
Women’s Doubles 4.0 Gold: Suzanne Colby – Sherri OslieWD 4.0 Gold Oslie_Colby

Women’s Singles 4.0 Silver: Suzanne ColbyMS 4.0 Silver Suzanne


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