2nd Annual Rally In The Valley – Aug 2013

Our 1st Annual Rally In The Valley Pickleball Tournament was held Aug 15-18, 2013 at the West Albany High School.

See Our Tournament Pics in Dropbox.  Click each folder to see pictures.  Click on the back button to go back to the home page and see other folders.

Our tournament had 133 players this year, up almost 40% playing in 230 matches.  With additional visitors we estimate we had well over 150 people at our tournament each day providing a significant economic impact to Albany businesses over the four days.  We drew players from all over the Northwest and from as far away as Edmonton, Alberta and Nashville, TN plus many from the extended Willamette Valley from Vancouver  to Medford and Bend to Newport.

Our signature Social Day on Thursday was well attended with all 11 courts full of people practicing for the tournament.  We were rained out at about 3PM, but the courts dried fine overnight and there was great weather for the next three days.

We played 70 matches Friday in our Women’s Doubles/Men’s Singles brackets;  78 matches Saturday in our Men’s Doubles/Women’s Singles brackets and 82 matches Sunday in our Mixed Doubles brackets.   We had 11 courts and 1 practice court.

Our Saturday evening no-host social at Riley’s Bar and Grill was attended by about 50 people.  Great ribs and lots of fun.

One touching moment was when we could not get the National Anthem to play and everyone started singing it anyway.  Brings a lump to your throat.  Again shows what a great pickleball community we have.

Please patronize our Sponsors.  In addition to your participation, they make our tournament successful.  See below.

Tournament Results:

Mens Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles 3.5,3.0 Brian Morey-John Morey Lee Nordhagen-Bob LeRoy Larry Haima-Charlie Crouse
Mens Doubles 4.0 Bruce Schafer – Craig McGarraugh Ron Greene – Holger Klinck Bob Anderson – Roger Rosenthal
Mens Doubles 4.5 Patrick Williams – Craig Poole Po Leung – Vukman Soskic Kurtis Campbell – Kent Campbell
Mens Doubles 5.0 Wesley Gabrielsen – Steve Paranto Tony Tollenaar – Mike Rains Prem Carnot – A. j. Fraties
Mens Singles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Singles 3.0 Eric Swander John Morey Bob Ziegler
Mens Singles 3.5 Brian Morey Dan Budd Bill Johns
Mens Singles 4.0 Dave McCormick Ernie Castro John Bacon
Mens Singles 4.5 Vukman Soskic Marty Butler Sam Recinos
Mens Singles 5.0 Wesley Gabrielsen Steve Paranto Tony Tollenaar


Womens Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles 3.0 Joyce Torresdal-Florence Allen CoraMay Johnson-Diane Lane Rey Wanamaker-Rosalie Knutsen
Womens Doubles 3.5 Sherri Oslie-Suzanne Colby Karen Tolliver-Marian Pasela Nancy Schwarz-Barbara Durrant
Womens Doubles 4.0 Cory Jubitz-Julie Coffin Connie Anderson-Judy Rosenthal Sharol Harris-Anne Reynolds
Womens Doubles 5.0,4.5 Hoagie Hoggatt-Dee Davison Christine Barksdale-Chiho Cronk Caryn McComas-Cookie Drake
Womens Singles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Singles 3.5,3.0,2.5 Suzanne Colby Sherri Oslie Joyce Torresdal
Womens Singles 4.5,4.0 Rhoda L. Zaph Lala Climaco Anne Reynolds


Mixed Doubles
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.0 Tangi Garcia – John Morey Carl Tuttle – Karen Bolton Jean Miller – Brian Joynt
Mixed Doubles 3.5 Sherri Oslie – Brian Morey Suzanne Colby – Lee Nordhagen Cherry DuLaney – Bill Gunning
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Cory Jubitz – Les Drake Yang Lu – Holger Klinck Sharol Harris – Jim Harris
Mixed Doubles 4.5 Emily Williams – Patrick Williams Winsome Wong – Shane Denning Kim Tollenaar – Tony Tollenaar
Mixed Doubles 5.0 Christine Barksdale – Wesley Gabrielsen Cookie Drake – Enrique Ruiz Hoagie Hoggatt – Paul Porch

Thanks to all our Sponsors for your outstanding support
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Pacific Perk Coffee – Paul O’Brian
Albany Fire Department – Larry Allen
Bounce 4 Fun – Cliff and Rite Curr
Walgreens – Steve Hernandez
West Albany High School Booster’s Club –  Glenda Costain
West Albany High School Rich Engel
Therapueutic Associates – Mid Valley Physical Therapy – Rick Costain/Greg Pick



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