2022 Wes Gabrielsen and Erik Lange Pickleball Skills Clinic

Thursday August 25, 2022 – In conjunction with the Edward Jones Rally In The Valley

Pickleball Pro Instructors:
Wes Gabrielsen: Wes is a Level 2 Certified International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association Instructor. (See Wes’ Bio below)
Erik Lange: Erik is a Professional Pickleball Registry Teaching Pro. (See Erik’s Bio below)

Wes and Erik recently finished with a Bronze Medal at the USA Pickleball National Championships!

Great Instructor to Participant Ratio!
Limited to Two 3-hour sessions with 8 participants in each session.

Clinic Registration opens soon. Please check back often!

Session 1: 3.0 to 3.5 Level Players *** SIGN UP NOW to guarantee your spot!
– 1-4 PM
– 8 participants
– Instructor: Wes Gabrielsen
– Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:8
– Cost: $125/participant
– Mastering the Non-Volley Zone
– Defense to Offense: Transitioning from the Backcourt up to the net
– Point play with instructor feedback

Session 2: 4.0+ Level Players *** SIGN UP NOW to guarantee your spot
– 5-8 PM
– 8 participants
– Instructors: Wes Gabrielsen & Erik Lange
– Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:4
– Cost: $150/participant
– Mastering the Non-Volley Zone
– Defense to Offense: Transitioning from the Backcourt up to the net
– Point play with instructor feedback

Pro Instructor’s Bios

Wes Gabrielsen Bio: https://www.selkirk.com/blogs/pro-corner/wesley-gabrielsen

Wes is currently the first-ever Head Pickleball Professional at the Illahe Country Club in Salem, OR.

Wes is an eleven time USAPA National Champion, six time Canadian national Champion, two time Tournament of Champions Gold medalist and two time Open Champion. In addition to his SUCCESS on the courts, he takes the most pride in the wonderful friendships he has created and sustained in the world of pickleball over the years. 

When asked about his experience in pickleball, he replied. “The friendships and fun times on the courts outweigh the championships I have won.  There are so many wonderful people in this sport that I am blessed to have met and call them my good friends in this life.
Wes started his journey while he was a student in middle school playing pickleball during physical education classes while in middle school, high school and college. He took a few years off after he began his professional career as a high school social studies teacher and tennis coach.
Pickleball legend Christine Barksdale helped reignite Gabrielsen’s passion for the game in 2011, and Wes has been competing in tournaments ever since. In 2013, he stopped competing in tennis tournaments and made a full-time switch to competing in pickleball, which is a decision he is thankful he made!

Erik Lange Bio: https://www.head.com/en_US/athletes/pickleball/athletes/erik-lange

Erik Lange found pickleball in May 2017 after being a tennis player since the age of 9. While he still loves tennis and plays 10% of the time, Pickleball is now his focus and enjoys challenging himself and meeting amazing new people who share the same passion. He is a PPR teaching pro but works full time as the Regional Sales Manager for HEAD. When he’s not on the court, he loves spending time with his wife and two children.
Erik’s SUCCESS in pickleball tournaments includes: Gold in The US Open (2019), Gold in The Seattle Metro Pickleball Classic (2019), Gold in the International Indoor Championships (2018), and Silver in  the USAPA National Championships (2019).