2013 Winter Pickleball Play Schedule

The play schedule has been set for winter play at the Boys and Girls Club.
M/W/F: 9AM-Noon – New Gym
Sunday: 4-7 PM – Parks and Rec Open Gym at the New Gym  (P&R fee $3)

  • Beginning Oct 1 indoor play at the Boys and Girls Club will be the default and we can continue with outdoor play weather permitting.  So show up first at the B&GC.
  • Notification will be made when the Hackleman Park nets are taken down for the winter.  People wanting to play outdoors could simply make their own arrangements with other players.
  • For MWF 9-12 indoor play in the new building at the Boys & Girls Club, one of the Board members will enter the building and open up the courts and the storeroom with the equipment.  Everyone else should enter the door into the courts on the SE corner of the building, NOT the front doors. If the door is not ajar, knock loudly. Also, please wipe your feet dry before walking on the courts.  No charge at this time.
  • PLEASE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE ON THE DOODLE BOARD! This is especially important during the winter when we have fewer players. People need to know whether there will be enough players to warrant the trip.
  • Sunday Open Gym play will be in the New Gym.  Beginning on Oct. 13 from 4 – 7pm.  Cost will be $3 per session.  A punch card may be purchased that will bring the cost down to $2 per session.


2 thoughts on “2013 Winter Pickleball Play Schedule

  1. my sister is an avid player visiting from Michigan will the boys and girls club be open tomorrow and Monday? Saw the doodle but we can’t make it on sunday.

    • Libby,
      The Boys & Girls Club of Albany is closed from 12/23 – 12/31. We only have Sunday the 29th available to us to play until we start playing again Jan 6th and return to our Monday, Wednesday and Friday play.
      Thank you for inquiring and keep our Doodle address to check on available dates to play in Albany.
      Florence, Secretary Albany Pickleball Club

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